Managing Director (Australia) (2018 - now)
Chief Technology Officer (2015 - now)
Lead Software Engineer (2013 - 2015)

InterExchange provides work and travel opportunities to young people, I manage their use of technology to achieve organizational goals.

Having successfully built a quality engineering team, I am working on an organizational level to improve jobs, simplify processes, and develop systems.

Now that I have returned to Perth I have also taken on the responsibility of building an Australian division of the organization, focussed on both engineering and exchange program development.

Pivotal Labs

Lead Software Developer (2012 - 2013)
Software Developer (2011 - 2012)

Pivotal Labs are agile software consultants who train teams to improve their process of building software through hands-on collaboration on software projects.

This was one of the greatest learning experiences in my life, I was trained by very experienced engineers and product managers, I was able to experience a wide variety of projects during my time there.

Being away from the top of the business allowed me to focus on learning the craft behind building software.

Mostly Disco

Co Founder (2011)

A group of friends building a native iOS dating app released throughout Australia.

Potential investors, App Store approval, a language none of us knew, needless to say we learned a lot by doing.

The Frontier Group

Business Development Manager (2011)
Software Developer (2010)

Closed my consulting firm to work for a “more established” consulting firm in Perth. I worked with some incredible people, who were building fantastic systems, from developers and designers to clients and meetups, the community was fantastic.

Working for a larger firm showed me just how little I knew about business and how vital process is for them to succeed, I struggled under a system that was not honest with its workers, but we perservered to make great things.

I’ll always be grateful for what I learnt and who I met, at TFG.

Square Talent

Owner Software Developer (2009 - 2011)

Rails consulting firm that teams up local designers and developers on projects.

I now know that getting bills paid is hard, that sustainable hours are vital and that the technical part of business can’t be your only focus.

Murdoch University

Software Developer (2007 ~ 2010)

Predominantly built PHP single purpose apps within the student services division. Installed and maintained an OpenReports service.

Learned how to respond to business needs promptly, helped build an agile working environment within a less-agile business.

Chimera Technologies

Partner / Website Developer


Phone Support Agent

Dick Smiths

Retail Assistant


Milk Produce Mover

Hungry Jacks

Counter Crew
Cleanup Crew
Kitchen Crew
Open Crew
Close Crew


Kitchen Crew
Counter Crew
Open Crew


(2018 - now)

Taken on the role of IT Manager, working to improve systems and processes in the organization to assist with the distribution of ideas that change the world.

Fort Collins Democratic Socialists of America

Was able to provide leadership and advice for the existing group who were looking to incorporate and join the national organization.

Assisted in development of their Constitution and meeting processes, as well as creation of their website and training on content creation.

This was a fantastic opportunity to engage in the Fort Collins community, even if it was for such a short period.

(2016 - 2017)

Attended various meetings of this open group of civic hackers, assisted the community in various open source projects and open days.

Eventually took over stewerdship of the project and lead multiple workshops teaching volunteers to contribute data to this notification service.

After my departure from New York I worked with their new developer and the Code For America team to migrate the project to national hosting.

Still provide minimal consulting services to the leadership group, as needed.

Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group
(1998 - 2010)

Cub Scout Leader 19½ - 21

After taking a break from scouting I came back to volunteer, before leaving for America.

Venturer Scouts 14½ - 17½

As venturer scouts we ran our pack collaboratively with leaders providing advice (and transportation), working together we would plan and execute events we wanted to, whether it was a LAN party with dozens of people, a 5 day hike through Albany.

Scouts 10½ - 14½

As a scout I progressed through the ranks to assistant six leader, I served alongside a great crew and we had some amazing adventures together.

Cub Scouts 9½ - 10½

Joined cub scouts towards the end age bracket, I was introduced to an amazing pack of kind and helpful people, I learnt a lot about camping, volunteering, and community service.

Cub Scouts Do Your Best


Murdoch University

Internet Software Development
Bachelor of Science (2007 - 2010)

Gaining an undergraduate taught me to efficiently recognize and research solutions to problems.

The degree I hold can be used to in accordance with an E3 visa, I can work within the U.S tech industry.

Leeming Senior High School

Banksia Park Primary School


Full Stack

My development career has given me exposure and expertise across all aspects of web development.

  • Databases
    (PostgreSQL, MySQL, OracleDB)
  • Application
    (Ruby, PHP, Java)
  • Interaction
    (ES6, ReactJS, EmberJS)
  • Interface
    (HTML, CSS)

Test Driver

I use test driven guide me through creating features that are reliable and well documented.

  • Integration
    (Cucumber, Behat)
  • Unit
    (Rspec, PHPUnit, JUnit)

User Focussed

My process prioritizes end-user features over solving problems that don’t exist yet.

Future Prepared

I work closely with product teams to champion and promote quality time spent on technical debt and R&D.

Self Directed

I don’t need to be managed to produce results. I enjoy roles that split me between coding, designing, training, and planning.

A Learning Teacher

I place a high emphasis on the value of pairing as a tool for teaching and reducing instances of code siloing.

Open Source

I’ve been a contributor to many projects across the years, I enjoy using and supporting open source software.