Are you a leftist trying to find your way in this crazy world of polarized political views?

Contrapoints is a YouTube Philosopher who is working extremely hard to produce informative and enjoyable videos about modern life, the struggles of the left, and the importance of discourse to promote a progressive agenda.

I really value the work of Contrapoints, she’s a brave person for tackling these issues in the mediums chosen. If you enjoy her work and want to support progressive thinkers, you can donate to Contrapoints’ Patreon.


A fictional dialogue between some voices in my head on the philosophy of violence. No dolls or mannequins were harmed in the making of this film.


A historical-philosophical-pastoral-comical video about the history of the word 'degeneracy' and the right of degenerates to exist.

Decrypting the Alt-Right: How to Recognize a [email protected]

This is a critical and educational video about the deceptive strategies used by the Alt-Right to appeal to centrists. All clips of Alt-Right media are used under fair use for purposes of education, critique, and peaceful resistance.

The Left

This is a fictional dialogue between characters created for philosophical and artistic purposes. I do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of any of the characters involved.

What the Alt-Right Fears

Maximum cuckoldry.