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People who vote Liberal

The Aspirational Class liberal voters, who are too busy not thinking about thinking, to think about improving anything.


We take a look at the media's reaction to the plebiscite - and everything that surrounds it.

In the Hall of the Corbyn KING!!

Instead of the landslide victory to the Tories predicted by the media, the UK is facing a hung parliament.

The Truth About Jeremy Corbyn

More leeches! MOOOOOOORRRRREEEE!!! Throw Theresa May in the CorBIN!

UK Terrorism, Brexit and Theresa May

A response to my previous video on Jeremy Corbyn. The United Kingdom general election is on June 8.

America First, Australia Second/ Australia Welcomes Trump In His Own Words (Official)

thanks for the terriffic idea Young Henry's Brewery, it's truly tremendous, almost as good as your beer, which by the way is the best thing ever, except for maybe Lincoln