Slept In

Yesterday was the start of #gymdays (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday/Sunday) and began at 5:30am. I’ve decided to go for early and see how I handle it, already that means I’m getting tired before midnight.

Today though I woke up at 8:00am, and it fealt like a well deserved reward for my work yesterday. Tonight I’ll be heading to bed around midnight, legs in the morning.

Leveled Up

I joined a service that puts my credit card at risk (I just won’t pay the fruad amount, the card will cover it). However it will cut down on the amount I pay for coffee each day.

Of course they’ve now sold my information, and of course I set the email I signed up with to be a tracer address.

Who knows, maybe it won’t be so bad.

Wireless Meraki Configuration

Had some time to play with the Meraki system at work today while debugging a slow connection. They have a flash LED utility that I found incredibly usefule.

Was able to arrange the icons on the map only after I removed the street address from them. Unfortunatley the UI wouldn’t inform me of this and through the icons into random locations.

TODO Will need to find out how to report a bug to them.

Facebook Merge

Finally merged our first InterExchange Department Facebook Page into our InterExchange Facebook Page. Finally having a reason to use the platform for the good that we do, I’m excited about how we can build with it.

I don’t appreciate Facebook as a user, I have no interest in being segmented or sold. Other’s don’t have these convictions, and ultimately the tools they are building were always going to be there.

The idea that in this free market we can use our money for buying power of an audience isn’t a new concept, it’s not inherintely evil. So happy that paying them for ads gets us a live chat that has so far quickly (couple of hours) resolved all issues.

Middleman running the Blog

Over at InterExchange we’re moving our current blog system into our Program Landing Pages.

Eventually these will become our website, eventually is estimated at the end of the year, I’m hoping that’s a grave over estimate so that we can get on to real work using the platform.

Utlimately though getting to Middleman was another big hurdle on a really long journey.

Only thing left to do is import the partials, which is a conversion from jekyll to erb (love that middleman is just Ruby). And then we’ll be able to serve a lot more dynamic information with the rich content we’ve amassed.

Journey on PS4

The fellas informed me that Journey is now on the PS4, got home and immediately downloaded it.

I received the E-82000113 error when I went to install the game, this was after I had updated my credit card. I read a lot of solutions, and went through a system rebuild (it didn’t take hours, like 10 minutes).

Finally the solution was to install it on my PS4 from the Playstation Store.

There were two copies of Journey? One didn’t fix the problem, the other did.

The game is now downloading while I write this post, once again though it’s super slow over the Wi-Fi. This will be resolved when I move back to Ethernet after buying a new TV (consume, consume, reproduce).

Double Serving of Dinner

Ordered delivery from Beast of Bourbon, they arrived in 15 minutes, instead of the quoted hour and 15.

Turns out it wasn’t my order, it was whatever I had ordered doubled.

This worked out really well for me.

I think their ribs are really the only thing you need to get, everything else is a less flavourful.

Can always pull it up yourself and make a sandwich, or gluten free roll, or low carb wrap.

I have Wine and Video Games

I am out, have a great evening Earth.

Sitting at work today and I hear the team in the other room talking about passwords.

It’s all the things we’ve heard before, it’s people confused about what is a good idea, what’s a terrible idea, and what’s a reasonable level of security.

This is a mixed bag discussion and I’m always willing to discuss these points, please let me know your thoughts below.

Following on from our discussion today, here’s a run down of the password policy. I’m including Alex and Nicole because we’re going to be publishing these tips soon.

Only have two InterExchange Passwords

  • Gmail and your computer
  • Every other website you use

Memorable sentences, with simple character substitution

  • The Penguin Eats Icecream on The Boardwalk =>
  • ThePengu1nEats1cecreamOnTheBoardwalk =>
  • ThePenu!nEats1creamOnTheBoardwalk

If you must, write the password down somewhere physically removed from your office. Your wallet is an alright choice, just remember if your wallet gets stolen you also need to do a password refresh when you’re calling your credit card company.

It’s even better if you can just remember it and literally destroy it once you have. Literally (preferably with fire).

Never reuse your InterExchange password for personal things, not ever. This creates an alternative attack route others and just increases the complexity of refreshing things if something goes wrong.

Never give your password to anyone, ever under any circumstances, you’re literally saying “Hey feel free to do whatever you want and I’ll take the fall for it” even if they’re a nice person, their problems become your problem.

Never give your password to anyone (I know I’m repeating myself), if a service ever asks for your password over the phone, or even worse emails you a copy of your password*, treat them as a bad website, use a unique password for them, and change that old password everywhere.

Never give your password to anyone (I’m really serious), if you feel you have to, call me in, I’ll talk you through it, there will be a solution other than giving your password to someone.

On bad websites (like the one above), don’t even give them a real password, my favorite thing to do here is to create a string of random words that I don’t try to remember. The next time I go there it is impossible to remember what the password is (because I don’t trust them with passwords), so I just do a password reset.

Your inbox is you, if this is compromised, everything is compromised. You can see where your account is signed in from the Google account device security page.

Refresh your passwords any time you have a gut feeling that maybe your password has been compromised.

Drops Mic

* Originally this read “… you a copy of your website”, I sent a follow up email clarifying that sentence.

Yesterday went dark.

Bugs Crying

I’d been messing around with the night before.

Jim Carrey Hacking

I was sick of building my jekyll site from develop to master.


So I deleted the master branch and created gh-pages.

Atomic Explosion

Undoing this choice fixed everything.

Happy Dance

And Github Pages hosts master the same as gh-pages anyway.

Fist Pump

Recently I was asked if every person who wants to build, their own website should have to learn html rather than a content management system (wordpress, drupal etc).

I proposed they should, I don’t believe these systems give users a useful interface to their content, the abstraction to terms like Pages, Navigation, and Layouts can’t be half learnt.

So then how can someone publish their content online, advertise their business or sell something they build if the tools they have will ultimately engulf them in the inherent complexity of programming.

I spend a lot of my time designing systems and algorithms that will reduce the amount of work required by people to complete tasks. Today I was presented with a system that promises to do a part of what I do for a living.

An AI that builds websites…

I think that could absolutely work.

As such today I became a founding member of, a system which looks to abstract the development side of building a website to an algorithm.

Ultimately most people will not become web developers, and while they just want their content online, they shouldn’t need to have the skills necessary to organize and distribute it.

The Grid could be a solution, a sudo-artificial intelligence system that understands the content you give it and makes it relevant to your audience.

Of course I say this on the blog I run that is written in raw code, which you can view here.

Websites should be built by those who understand how websites should be built. Ever more computers are joining the ranks of those with the ability to comprehend data and publish it online, and I welcome them to the club.