My goal is to learn and provide support in the areas of technology, business, and philosophy; and by philosophy I mean nothing more fancy than trying to understand what it is to exist in this world right now.

We live in a period of time where instant global distribution of noise is a fundamental aspect of our Internet connected society, in a world where climate change is occurring at such a rapid rate that we have set in motion our inevitable extinction.

Our culture is one which is fully aware of its own demise and is also powerless to make any changes to that fate due to the massive imbalance of power between the very few with the majority of wealth and all other life.

Our children are growing up hopeless, an understandable response to being born into a dying world controlled by those who hope their hoards of wealth will save them from the self destructive nature of the system they’ve lost control of.

This hopelessness is shared with the world in the memes that they find refuge in, the nihilism that defines their response to the state of life on Earth. We also see it in the schools they’re shooting up each day, in the drugs they’re dying to as they try to escape reality.

I’ve climbed the ladders of this society, I’ve worked through the capitalist system, played roles as both the worker and owner, fought for capital and fought for labor. I’ve tried escaping the capitalist system, denying reality, rejecting it’s existence, and suffering the consequences and effects this has on the mental health of a human being.

We live in a society, and we can shape the society we live in.

I’ve found some peace through attempting to move myself into a position of acceptance of this hypernormalised existence, with that acceptance I aim to understand and share my understanding of the world, and do what little I can to improve the lives of those around me.

There will be no solution to the largest problems our species faces unless we change our way of organizing the way we live within nature. Our dominant culture is one of exploitation of our future stability, it will consume until it has destroyed all life.

We are headed into an incredibly uncertain future where many millions of us are already refuges to our homes through climate catastrophe and war.

I work collectively with others in an attempt to transform the world we live in, if that’s something you’d like to talk to me about, get in touch .