Our tools will not save us if we use them to kill us.

YouTube Admits Not Notifying Subscribers & Screwing With Algorithms

Uncanny Valley, the Threat of Virtual Reality in the Hands of Empire

Socializing is Work, Social Media is Exploitation

Social Media platforms use your content to make money. They manipulate user’s minds to keep them engaged on a platform. Even Zuckerberg doesn’t want people using the platform as much as they do. Get off social media.

Foresty.io For Writing Blog Posts on Hugo

Removing the cognitive barrier-of-entry to posting on my static site.

I’m just writing a blog post, like I would have done in Wordpress years ago, before I made the decision to move to a statically generated site for the huge development and security improvements that it brings. But I stopped posting, I mean I started again recently, but the barrier of entry is still there. Pull up vim and stare at a completely blank screen and … don’t type, because it’s so intimidating.

Slaughterbots, A Terrifying Vision of the Future if Bots are Allowed to Kill.