Chief Technology Officer

InterExchange 2015 - now

InterExchange provides work and travel opportunities to young people, I manage their use of technology to achieve organization goals.

Having successfully built a quality engineering team, I am working on an organizational level to simplify systems and improve business.

Lead Software Engineer

InterExchange 2013 - 2015

InterExchange provides work and travel opportunities to young people, I built and maintained their online service application.

After many years consulting on various projects, I was taking the time to fully understand a single organization.

Lead Software Developer (Anchor)

Pivotal Labs 2012 - 2013

Pivots are an amalgamation of engineers and consultants, I lead software development of our client’s project.

I started to get to learn more about businesses and use my improved software development skills.

Software Developer

Pivotal Labs 2011 - 2012

Pivots are an amalgamation of engineers and consultants, I built apps for clients and teach them an agile development process.

Being away from the top of the business allowed me to focus on learning the craft behind building software.

Co Founder

Mostly Disco 2011

Worked with two friends to build a native IOS dating app released throughout Australia.

Potential Investors, App Store Approval, A language none of us knew, we learned a lot by doing.

Software Developer

Frontier Group 2010 - 2011

Started off as a Rails engineer and moved on to the product management and client liaison side of things.

Working for a larger firm showed me just how little I knew about business and how vital process is for them to succeed.

Owner / Developer

Square Talent 2009 - 2011

Ran a one man Rails consulting gig for a couple of years, teamed up with local designers and eventually other developers.

I now know that getting bills paid is hard, that sustainable hours are vital and that the technical part of business can’t be your only focus.

Software Developer

Murdoch University 2007 ~ 2012

Predominantly built PHP single purpose apps within the student services division. Installed and maintained an OpenReports service.

Learned how to respond to business needs promptly, helped build an agile working environment within a less-agile business.


Internet Software Development
Bachelor Science

Murdoch University 2006 - 2009

Gaining an undergraduate taught me to efficiently recognize and research solutions to problems.

The degree I hold can be used to in accordance with an E3 visa, I can work within the U.S tech industry.


Full Stack

I have spent countless (about 6) years working within a DBMS, Web Framework, Application and the DOM environment.

Test Driver

My tests will guide me through a codebase; I test always, when it is necessary and never unnecessarily.

User Focussed

My process prioritizes end-user features over solving problems that don’t exist yet.

Future Prepared

I work closely with product teams to champion and promote quality time spent on technical debt and R&D.

Self Directed

I don’t need to be managed to produce results. I enjoy roles that split me between coding, training and planning.

A Learning Teacher

I place a high emphasis on the value of pairing as a tool for teaching and reducing instances of code siloing.

Open Source

An existing committer to many projects and I’ll surely commit more in the future. I enjoy using and supporting OSS.