Brexit, Trump, & the Bursting Neoliberal Bubble ft. Mark Blyth

Phiolosophy of Pessimism

America is getting ready to go to war with Syria, Russia, and Iran. We must stop this empire from starting another war.

The US media has seized on the latest claims by CIA-backed groups of a poison gas attack on civilians to demand a further escalation of the US-led war for regime-change in Syria and an increased confrontation with Russia.

Being Julian Assange

Israel, Russia, and Amazon. April 2018.

Jimmy Dore

The damaging impact of concentration of wealth and power corrupting governments can be seen all over the world today. Imperialism is subjugating Palestinians in open air prisons, Syrians in a proxy war aimed at Russia, and Americans in a crushing failing capitalist society.

Trump with an important messsage


Big Fat Love, Find Common Ground, To Halt The Spread of Lies. If we don't control insiders this will be over.

Charlottesville: The True Alt-Right


Bernie Sanders: "Barack Obama is a brilliant guy, an extraordinary candidate, and a charasmatic leader"

Jimmy Dore

The business model of the democratic model is a failure, they've lost all power in American government, and the media are their attack dogs for anyone who criticizes their failures.

Uncanny Valley, the Threat of Virtual Reality in the Hands of Empire

Gregory Smithsimon: Disarm the Police

Noah Berlatsky: The Case for Disarming America’s Police Force

Nivedita Majumdar: The Socialist Case for Gun Control

Concentration of Wealth and Power

Noam Chomsky

10 reasons why America is not a democracy, is a horrible place to live, is causing mass distress, and is killing children and adults alike, both in America and in foreign nations.

This Gun Debate Ignores Empire's Power

Killer Mike

It's not even a debate, it's just another idealogy laced fight between the lower classes, a distraction from the real threat of Empire.

Of course people are jumping on Killer Mike because he appeared on NRA TV to provide a position that taking away people’s guns will not solve the issues America is facing. I have worked as a tireless advocate on the behalf of children and disenfranchised women in society, I’ve also worked with gun groups like Georgians’ Against Gun Violence, so I say if there’s a table to be sat at, a gun owner needs to be there.

We Have Monetised the End of the World

Destroy Capitalism! There is money in stopping climage change and saving the Earth but there is much more money in making it worse.

Pain Essay

Yeah this culture is killing the planet and I could spend a lot of energy pretending it isn't or I can accept this is reality and do whatever needs to be done.

Getting in Trouble

All my life I've been getting in trouble and been afraid of getting in trouble. I'm not afraid anymore and you can't be either, because we really need your help.

I hadn’t been using my blog because I was afraid to, afraid of what would happen if I wrote about what I was thinking. When I was 18 I used to write about getting tattoos and making money to get tattoos. These days I write about the atrocities committed by the American Empire both locally and globally, I write in protest to a system so corrupted by power that its current course is set on destroying all life as we know it.

Rick and Morty & Run The Jewels

American Mass Media is Propaganda

Caitlin Johnstone

It's a word that confuses and scares most Americans, yet propaganda is responsible for their apathy towards their horrible ruling elite.

Economic Update: A System Rigged Against Us

It really doesn't matter which of the two parties get in, they're beholden to the same donors, which is why the law hurts the people and protects corporations.

I Love Americans, I Love Russians

"America itself could be described as one gigantic ongoing psyop" - Caitlin Johnstone

I love Americans, I’ve even been in love with a few of them, they are good-hearted human beings, for the most part, like most people, for the most part. I love Russians, I am the son and brother of Russians, they are good-hearted human beings, like most other people. I’ve never lived in Russia, I’ve never experienced their day-to-day life, their culture first hand, their language surrounding me, their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their entertainment and advertising filling my waking moments.

The Myth of Incentive Under Capitalism-G.A.Cohen

Capitalist firms survive, only if they make money, and they make money only if they prevail in competition against other capitalist firms.

Your President is Horrible, Your Boss is Worse, and Your Board Even More So

Trump is doing horrible things, because horrible people have all the money and power.

The day after he won the election, people in our New York office were crying, devistated that such a horrible person had taken control of one of the most evil imperialist nations to exist. They’re some of the lucky ones in America, though not truly that lucky in the scheme of things. The company they work for is, comparitively much more generous than other American organizations. Around that time our office was also subjected to the picketing of the Verizon store below us, the shouts of the subjugated workers all day long were distracting to our workers, who were sent home early because it was obvious no work was being done.

Capitalism is Killing Itself

Richard Wolff

These recurring problems of Capitalism, Maxism says are built into the system.

The World Doesn't Owe You Anything!

Jordan Shanks

An Internet legend from down under, helping you, help your mindset. Also me randomly commenting on his video.

2017 Ben Howard Anthem

Pig Iron Bob and Australian Unions

Maritime Union of Australia and Robert Menzies

Joyner Luca Music Videos

David Pakman interviews Scott Adams on Donald Trump's "Report Card"

This is Exactly How To Engage with "Other Side"

Gough Whitlam, Australia's greatest Prime Minister

Friendly Jordies setting the record straight

Vic Berger

Sassy Smart Video Political Satire

Big Think: America is Crazy

How is Australia Going?

Let's check in with FriendlyJordies on Australia

Ignorance and Happiness in Capitalism.

Slaughterbots, A Terrifying Vision of the Future if Bots are Allowed to Kill.

The Origins of Money, HipCrime Vocab

the HipCrime Vocab is a source of many in-depth essays analyzing power in our society, where it came from, how it is distributed, and the ways in which the systems enforce control. What’s a hipCrime? Well you committed one when you opened this blog. Keep it up, it’s our only hope! The author just completed an insightful and dense series The Origins of Money, and at ten posts, I have to say I’m relieved that’s it come to an end :p

The Deep Green Resistance Strategy

Is There an Alternative to Political Correctness?

Fuck You Trump, by Eminem

3 Great Contrapoints Videos for Lefties

Contrapoints The Left

The Paradox of Tolerance

The Open Society and Its Enemies, Philosopher Karl Popper

Derrick Jensen

Bringing Down Civilization, The Violence of Capitalism

Who Is More Corrupt: Trump, Clinton or Obama? Surprising Answer!

Jimmy Dore

Science is Losing to Identity Politics

HyperNormalisation 2016, Adam Curtis on Chapo Trap House