We Have Monetised the End of the World

Destroy Capitalism! There is money in stopping climage change and saving the Earth but there is much more money in making it worse.

The Shifting Russia Narrative

Have you been keeping up since Russia cheated in the olympics, hacked the election, gassed Syria, and now failed to very publicly kill a spy?

So now that we know it was Steve Bannon using the same Facebook backdoor that the Obama campaign used in 2012, we’re not talking about the hacked election story anymore? Crazy how the week that story left the media it was because Russia had apparently obviously failed to kill an old spy, in London, on ally territory. This ever shifting narrative is the work of an empire’s mass media which is dedicated to manufacturing consent to allow America to start a war against Russia.

Pain Essay

Yeah this culture is killing the planet and I could spend a lot of energy pretending it isn't or I can accept this is reality and do whatever needs to be done.

Part of the problem is that death is not a part of our daily lives, we have a very curious escapist attitude about death and have managed to distance it through a bizarre form of institutionalization. What is required is a change of heart, in order to change our hearts we need to see things differently, neither romanticizing or denying death is honest or useful, it’s more useful to be accepting death as part of the grit of daily life.

Getting in Trouble

All my life I've been getting in trouble and been afraid of getting in trouble. I'm not afraid anymore and you can't be either, because we really need your help.

I hadn’t been using my blog because I was afraid to, afraid of what would happen if I wrote about what I was thinking. When I was 18 I used to write about getting tattoos and making money to get tattoos. These days I write about the atrocities committed by the American Empire both locally and globally, I write in protest to a system so corrupted by power that its current course is set on destroying all life as we know it.

Sunday Service - A Seat at the Table

In our current society we give others a seat at the table, and then teach them to concentrate power and dominate their group.

You don’t really seem like a Church person Dirk - Anyone I’ve met. Some who read my post “Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly” will recognize that is not my quote, in fact I heard it at service that day and was inspired to come out to the same park I am in now to write about it. Again this Sunday, after attending the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship I am feeling inspired to write about service and duty, things that have meant a lot to me my entire life (as a scout), and which I feel a longing for when I am not doing regularly.

Rick and Morty & Run The Jewels

A new collaboration dropped between Rick and Morty & Run The Jewels, Oh Mama wasn’t on my radar until this film clip, wonder if I’d ever get my own mother to watch this? A country boy chilling in Brooklyn like Lefty spoke for me Fuck with us You fuck with the truth, we speak openly I smoke the holy herb, get high as hell and meditate Swear to God, shit’s so good, fat boy’ll levitate God gift to man, how the fuck they try to legislate Mom’s, she recovering, tell me I over-medicate I tell her, “Holy fuck, Jesus Christ, give me a fucking break”

Grateful For These New Changes

I’m very grateful for the new things that have come into my life over the last few weeks, today a lot of that came together and resulted in the latest version of my website, built on my latest computer, using the new avatar created by the fantastic Rationality Rules. I also added a new category today, survive which gives me a place to put content that inspires us to drive forward with our efforts to create change in our world.

Nobody Can Do This Alone

Our survival is the responsibility of everyone, we can make that our governments priorities, but we need to take power back in order to do that.

For me the biggest relief over these years is learning that I’m not solely responsible for saving our species from extinction. The hardest thing to come to terms with is that most of the species is ignorant of the dangers we face, or responsible in their own small way for pushing us closer to the edge. Alone you cannot save us from the impact climate change will have on our ability to produce enough food for our survival.

The Greatest Threat To All Life on Earth, America

Acknowledge that the American people are not their government, and that their government will kill everyone... if that’s a profitable solution.

Russia is not going to launch a nuke. Islam is not going to kill western values. Climate change is already killing people daily. The American government will kill everyone if it can’t maintain its control over everything. War with Russia is not acceptable. America has no right to wave a moral finger at any nation in the world. America is not a democracy. America is a corporate plutocracy. America is a dying nation.

We Will Be Destroyed, If We Remain Divided

Under the oppression of tyranny we learn helplessness. Under constant division we stand alone. Under threat of violence we do not fight for freedom. Together we can get our fair share. Together we can serve our purpose. Together we can change the future. Stand Together & Together We Stand.

Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly

A society founded on the values of justice, kindness, and equality, would be radically different to our dominant capitalist culture.

This society which praises capitalism for its efficiency in driving progress, justifies the destruction of life under the claim it has permission of both the people and God. These justifications are not only unacceptable, they’re also lies. The dominant culture is driven by neither Democratic or Christian values which it pays so much lip service to. Democracy and Christianity are frameworks for creating equality among people, in theory. In practice the dominant forms of Democracy and Christianity have been co-opted by the powerful to serve as tools that concentrate wealth and power to reward themselves and punish everyone else.

I Love Americans, I Love Russians

"America itself could be described as one gigantic ongoing psyop" - Caitlin Johnstone

I love Americans, I’ve even been in love with a few of them, they are good-hearted human beings, for the most part, like most people, for the most part. I love Russians, I am the son and brother of Russians, they are good-hearted human beings, like most other people. I’ve never lived in Russia, I’ve never experienced their day-to-day life, their culture first hand, their language surrounding me, their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their entertainment and advertising filling my waking moments.

The Myth of Incentive Under Capitalism-G.A.Cohen

Capitalist firms survive, only if they make money, and they make money only if they prevail in competition against other capitalist firms.

The capitalist firm doesn’t aim to satisfy, but the firms can’t get at what they’re at, which is money, and they can’t get what they want without satisfying the customer. Well, I agree with part of this argument, capitalist competition has to be acknowledged. BUT, the argument also says that capitalism satisfies people, and I’m going to claim that the way the system uses technical progress generates widespread frustration, not satisfaction.

Socializing is Work, Social Media is Exploitation

Social Media platforms use your content to make money. They manipulate user’s minds to keep them engaged on a platform. Even Zuckerberg doesn’t want people using the platform as much as they do. Get off social media.

Foresty.io For Writing Blog Posts on Hugo

Removing the cognitive barrier-of-entry to posting on my static site.

I’m just writing a blog post, like I would have done in Wordpress years ago, before I made the decision to move to a statically generated site for the huge development and security improvements that it brings. But I stopped posting, I mean I started again recently, but the barrier of entry is still there. Pull up vim and stare at a completely blank screen and … don’t type, because it’s so intimidating.

Your President is Horrible, Your Boss is Worse, and Your Board Even More So

Trump is doing horrible things, because horrible people have all the money and power.

The day after he won the election, people in our New York office were crying, devistated that such a horrible person had taken control of one of the most evil imperialist nations to exist. They’re some of the lucky ones in America, though not truly that lucky in the scheme of things. The company they work for is, comparitively much more generous than other American organizations. Around that time our office was also subjected to the picketing of the Verizon store below us, the shouts of the subjugated workers all day long were distracting to our workers, who were sent home early because it was obvious no work was being done.

America Will Collapse, Earth Will Boil, and Humanity Will Perish

Understanding this will help you plan for your future.

America Will Collapse As an Australian who spent 6 years in the hyper-capitalist center of the world (New York City) I’ve had to improve my coping mechanisms immensely as the harsh reality of massive inequality was shoved in my face. Last year I moved to a small town in Colorado to run-out-the-clock as I shift my career back to Perth to get away from a nation that’s tearing itself apart.

Capitalism is Killing Itself - Richard Wolff

These recurring problems of Capitalism, Maxism says are built into the system.

When I arrived to the United States in 2011 my friend told me he had been at the Occupy Wallstreet demonstrations the previous week, I thought he was crazy. “We’re new to this Country dude, why would you go there and risk your Visa like that?” - Me “I care about this sort of stuff dude, it’s important that we stand up for what’s right” - Him Deep down I knew that he was right, but I was too scared of The Empire to do anything like that, instead for the next few years I put my head down, worked 9-6 in New York City, paid a tonne on Money on rent, and booze, and other things, and dealt with the crushing knowledge that I was making $100,000 a year, and someone was making a $1,000,000 or more off of my back.

The World Doesn't Owe You Anything!

Jordan Shanks helping you, help your mindset.

Jordan Shanks isn’t the only wise and humble influence in my life, but he is the one who posts his thoughts to YouTube, however I only just stumbled on his Personal YouTube after being a subscriber to Friendly Jordies for about a year. Before heading to sleep I got down some notes on Get The Right Mindset The Reason You’re Not Where You Want is You. As I traveled back from Australia to Colorado today I was thinking about what it I want for the next year, and what I wish I didn’t still have going into it.

Next Year Perth, Following Year Farm

My exit from the USA and eventual exit from the global economy.

Goodbye America It’s no secret I have no desire to return to the United States in 2 days, however as I reflect on the year I see 365 days of achieving the goals I set for myself, and the actions needed to get myself closer to where I’m going. Having a direction is reassuring, seeing yourself achieve progress is motivating! I haven’t found my “direction” to be something that I talk about that much though, as mostly it’s met with disregard, the New York Executive wants to become a Farmer, sure, let’s see that happen.

2017 Ben Howard Anthem

2017 hasn’t been a good year, let’s face it, 2018 won’t be better. After suffering internally for decades, seeking help, working hard, and greiving immensely, I’m still here. I’m still here as a lot of other people in my life come to understand the position that we’re in as a species, to realize the challenges that threaten our survival. This year Ben Howard’s music has helped me incredibly, in this post I wanted to present three songs from his album Every Kingdom (CD, Vinyl).

Pig Iron Bob and Australian Unions

Maritime Union of Australia and Robert Menzies

I found a Youtube video of Australian Communist Music, which lead me to learning about Robert “Pig Iron Menzies” Menzies and his fight with Australian Union Workers over the shipping of iron to Japan during World War II. We wouldn’t load pig-iron for the fascists of Japan Despite intimidation we refused to lift the ban With democracy at stake the struggle must be won We had to beat the menace of the fascist Rising Sun Pig Iron Bob

Joyner Luca Music Videos

I’m Not Racist I’m Sorry (508)-507-2209

David Pakman interviews Scott Adams on Donald Trump's "Report Card"

This is Exactly How To Engage with "Other Side"

David Pakman’s interview with Scott Adams is Exactly How To Engage with “Other Side” r/contrapoints This is the first time I’ve seen an interview of David Pakman’s, I’m really glad that it was with Scott Adams about President Trump’s 2017 Report Card (first draft). Who is Scott Adams? The person who created Dilbert obviously! A long running successful comic about an Engineer’s criticisms of society, he’s also a prolific blogger!

Gough Whitlam, Australia's greatest Prime Minister

Friendly Jordies setting the record straight

I wanted to make a video purely honoring the life and achievements of Edward Gough Whitlam I’m not one to hold a grudge but … Andrew Bolt isn’t etting away with an article he wrote a month a go. Gough Whitlam was actually the best Prime Minster we’ve ever had. And then The British-American coup ended Australian independence under Gough Whitlam

Vic Berger

Sassy Smart Video Political Satire

I was blown away when I found out that I have a lot of Trump supporters that are fans of my work that didn’t know I was making fun of Trump. I thought I was making him look worse but it turns out that people who support Trump they love that, that’s what they they love that him bullying people and being down on people, cursing at people and starting fights.

How is Australia Going?

Let's check in with FriendlyJordies on Australia

Being back in Australia for Christmas has been the best perk of the 5 years I’ve spent working at InterExchange, re-immersing myself in my Australian identity has been an important aspect of my mental health recovery. What is it to be Australian? Why am I trying to recover that identity? Why did I run away from it? You think America is bad, it seems like everyone in this country can agree on the fact that America is a horrible nation that is falling into serious decline.

Ignorance and Happiness in Capitalism.

Don’t have enough time to watch the film noir masterpiece BladeRunner 2049, still curious as to how our future is being shaped, and where it’s headed? I think these two films together perfectly sum up how people don’t think about changing the world they live in, and how the world they live in treats them.

Slaughterbots, A Terrifying Vision of the Future if Bots are Allowed to Kill.

The rate of technological evolution is increasing exponentially, devices which we couldn’t imagine existing 20 years ago are now a mainstream part of life. Consumer product development is only one area of advancement though, and it’s hardly the cutting edge. All technological innovations of the past 50 years have been driven primarily by military need, this includes but is not limited to the Internet, Encryption, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, and most obviously Weapons.

The Origins of Money, HipCrime Vocab

the HipCrime Vocab is a source of many in-depth essays analyzing power in our society, where it came from, how it is distributed, and the ways in which the systems enforce control. What’s a hipCrime? Well you committed one when you opened this blog. Keep it up, it’s our only hope! The author just completed an insightful and dense series The Origins of Money, and at ten posts, I have to say I’m relieved that’s it come to an end :p

Does the 2018 Financial Crisis Begin With Pensions, Technology, or Something Else?

So does the next financial crisis begin with pensions? … Maybe. It Begins: Pension Bailout Bill To Be Introduced This Week Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio plans to introduce legislation that would allow struggling multiemployer pension funds to borrow from the U.S. Treasury to remain solvent. There’s so many bubbles, could it be that tech brings things down? Investors now value a $20 billion company based on its “energy and spirituality”

The Deep Green Resistance Strategy

Well the Deep Green Resistance strategy has two main goals I think it’s very important in political movements to actually have a goal we have two goals and the first goal is that we aim to deprive the rich of the their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet the second goal is to repair and restore what’s been destroyed of our planet

Is There an Alternative to Political Correctness?

What an amazing video for such a controversial topic right now, Political Correctness is a term so grating in our society that it forces an immediate division into each side of the Culture War. Politeness a more holistic approach to the problems that political correctness tries to solve, instead of focusing empathy towards a select group of under-represented people, it distributes empathy towards all members of society.

Fuck You Trump, by Eminem

Eminem freestyled a fantastic slam against Trump in the opening to the BET Hip Hop Awards last night. I’ve not been able to find an uncensored version yet, but the full lyrics are available on Genius. Slim shady 🔌👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾 A post shared by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on Oct 10, 2017 at 6:37pm PDT

3 Great Contrapoints Videos for Lefties

Are you a leftist trying to find your way in this crazy world of polarized political views? Contrapoints is a YouTube Philosopher who is working extremely hard to produce informative and enjoyable videos about modern life, the struggles of the left, and the importance of discourse to promote a progressive agenda. I really value the work of Contrapoints, she’s a brave person for tackling these issues in the mediums chosen.

Contrapoints The Left

It’s crazy how real this stuff is becoming, the World War of The Internet is now on the streets of America. The dominant culture which has exploited the Earth to build a fantasy world of stability and certainty for the few, is starting to see the walls crumble as the exploited rise up on the left and right. Today we’re going to talk about the left, the side I fight on, today we’re going to look into why they’re not as effective as the right such as the US Military, ISIS, Alt Right are with recruiting.

The Paradox of Tolerance

The Open Society and Its Enemies, Philosopher Karl Popper

Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. In this formulation, I do not imply, for instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be most unwise.

Derrick Jensen

Bringing Down Civilization, The Violence of Capitalism

The last two days I have been consuming all I can find that covers the thinking of Derrick Jensen. I wanted to share some of the pieces I had found so far before continuing on my research of his work. Jensen has spent his life advocating the protection and restoration of the environment, educating and writing about how to become engaged in the fight against the destruction of our planet.

America Needed Bernie Sanders, a Politician

The tension between North Korea and the United States is becoming increasingly tense which is causing further tensions with Russia, Syria, and China. If there are a bunch of kids in a group having problems with one particular child, who would you proclaim to be the protaganist? As always your perspective is going to be contextual on your relationship to the situation, are you the parent of the bully? You empathize with the child and know that its behavior is a result of further issues.

100 Days

In the American Media you’re hearing a lot right now about Trump’s first 100 days, people are (rightfully so) giving this topic a lot of attention. Understanding what this presidency focuses its attention on in its first days gives us an idea of where the administration is pointing our future. I had personally been thinking about these 100 days a lot lately, and honestly, it was making me extremely depressed, despondant, and anxious.

Noam Chomsky on Trump's First 75 Days

Recently Democracy Now interviewed Noam Chomsky on Trump’s first 75 Days as President, here’s some key points I took away from it. On the alleged interference of the election by Russia, Chomsky points out that America is constantly interfering with world politics and overthrowing governments. If Russia and Trump were to have a more positive relationship this would not be a negative thing at all, especially considering we’re at a really dangerous time.

Donald Trump's America Attacks Syria

My Response I am disappointment in Trump, to clarify I have no faith in him, I’ve never supported him, I don’t respect him. However I do know that before he became the president he was not part of the central powers that are intent on destroying the world in pursuit of more power. This was the one thing I thought he would do differently to Hillary, that he would opt for less conflict in order to focus on business.

America, Resist Donald Trump

I will begin to resist by writing more. Trump is proving to be the perfect distraction for the Republican party, he creates outrageous executive orders that consumes the public’s social media feeds. In the meantime the Republican controlled government carry out their systematic destruction of the services that were keeping America from both starting a nuclear war and bringing upon climate change harder and faster than ever.

HyperNormalisation 2016, Adam Curtis on Chapo Trap House

The World we’re living in now is one where the line between fantasy and reality, politics and entertainment has been erased, and we’re living in a semi-synthetic reality. Will Trump’s Election is the only thing that makes sense, really there’s no other thing that could have happened. Matt Adam Curtis is a British documentary film maker who’s films are fascinating and really fit in with the Chapo vision of the world.