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https://BreadTube.tv has been launched in an effort to simplify the process of finding and sharing all the great content on BreadTube.

This free and open source media distribution platform which already links to some fantastic channels and has some great introductionary playlists , can be expanded on by someone like you!

This completely free software (GNU GPL v3) is open for cooperative development (Github Issues/Pull Requests) and welcome to be added to, edited, and duplicated (by anyone who grants the same to others using their work).

This is only the start of what this alternative power structure could be as a resource for all of us, including but not limited to:

  • Creators
  • Sharers
  • Supporters
  • Commenters
  • Researchers
  • Viewers
  • Commenters

The entry level can vary based on playlist, we already have a few examples.

meaning we can share any information we can collect together across all locations, languages, and topics. Videos can of course go in any playlist as many times, this is fully up to the community to work together on and to create content for people like:

  • Workers of the World!
    • including of course the emotional laborers, the children, elderly, sick, and differently abled
  • Those already Bread-pilled
    • Find more great content against the will of the YouTube A L G O R I T H M
  • The Uninitiated
    • maybe even liberals, “centrists”, and challengers who are earnestly trying to strongman their position, maybe?

Please let us know your thoughts on this, not limited to, but please especially if you’re a creator on that homepage! We are trying to launch this a solid proof that this is viable concept and policies that reflect our values. This project is in no way done, just like our revolution it is forever, please help us build this!

Right now BreadTube.tv has 3 primary features

  • Links to all known BreadTube platforms (eg: Twitter, Facebook)
  • A list of some of the many BreadTube Channels, which right now just opens them in a new tab
  • Some Playlists which embed video content and can be easily shared with simple urls

There can be so much more though, to the point where it could provide us with resilience against platform changes as they occur over the years to come.

The easiest way to get started if you know your way around coding is to Create a Playlist .

Although it may seem daunting, you will be able to do it once you learn comrades!

Please ask me if you need any help, I am going to produce a video to guide people through it we are willing to jump on a screensharing session to guide anyone through.

If you have an idea about a BreadTube playlist you want share with the community, and want to avoid sending people to YouTube. Create a Playlist on BreadTube.tv !

In order for this to grow further it needs everyone’s input, feedback, and support, and this is what I am asking for of you in this post, help us

How Do We Build BreadTube.tv Anarchistically? Github#6

There is also a Discord Server for free form discussion, would be great if someone was able to help moderate that though because I have zero experience in that field!

If I have gotten any of the social platforms wrong please let me know, if you’re running any of them please reach other, this website can do so much when it comes to automation, eg: automatically archiving all our tweets on our own platform, further feel free to dm me or submit a pull request .

This is a project of collaboration, any way this completely independent and fully customizable platform can help you is an idea we should be investigating. This project already has the support of highly experienced software designers/engineers/coordinators, that’s 40+ years of internet development power available to support ideas!

Software is shaping everything that happens in this world, you can be part of the software freedom movement of this mass media project that is B R E A D T U B E. We’re looking for anyone with any experience, Content, Design, Product, Software, User Research, Posting, anything, we would love your help!

Thanks everyone :) In Solidarity