You are not alone, you don't need to suffer alone.

I don’t Want to Die in America

I moved here for work, I will not stay here until death.

These magnficant American lands are filled with beautiful people, living in a poisoned culture which is killing both. That’s why I became so anxious. That’s why I sunk into depression. That’s why I stopped caring about anything, anyone. That’s why I left New York. That’s why I made jobs in Perth. That’s why I will go home. That’s where I’ll die, as we all do.

Be Prepared (2018-03)

I was raised under the motto "Be Prepared", this ethos guides my decision making, I intend to be prepared for each new phase of our collapse, this is my March 2018 self audit.

“The Collapse” sounds like a thing that happens in front of your eyes right? It sounds like an event, a catastrophe that dominates everybody’s attention, like an explosion, or a market crash, or a war. No, it’s not that simple, nothing in this interconnected hypernormalised world will ever be simple. Collapse of our civilization, of this dominant culture, is a continuing and long process, it has no clear beginning and it’s end will only be defined in the history books.

Pain Essay

Yeah this culture is killing the planet and I could spend a lot of energy pretending it isn't or I can accept this is reality and do whatever needs to be done.

Sunday Service - A Seat at the Table

In our current society we give others a seat at the table, and then teach them to concentrate power and dominate their group.

You don’t really seem like a Church person Dirk - Anyone I’ve met. Some who read my post “Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly” will recognize that is not my quote, in fact I heard it at service that day and was inspired to come out to the same park I am in now to write about it. Again this Sunday, after attending the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship I am feeling inspired to write about service and duty, things that have meant a lot to me my entire life (as a scout), and which I feel a longing for when I am not doing regularly.

Rick and Morty & Run The Jewels

Grateful For These New Changes

I’m very grateful for the new things that have come into my life over the last few weeks, today a lot of that came together and resulted in the latest version of my website, built on my latest computer, using the new avatar created by the fantastic Rationality Rules. I also added a new category today, survive which gives me a place to put content that inspires us to drive forward with our efforts to create change in our world.

Nobody Can Do This Alone

Our survival is the responsibility of everyone, we can make that our governments priorities, but we need to take power back in order to do that.

For me the biggest relief over these years is learning that I’m not solely responsible for saving our species from extinction. The hardest thing to come to terms with is that most of the species is ignorant of the dangers we face, or responsible in their own small way for pushing us closer to the edge. Alone you cannot save us from the impact climate change will have on our ability to produce enough food for our survival.

We Will Be Destroyed, If We Remain Divided

Under the oppression of tyranny we learn helplessness. Under constant division we stand alone. Under threat of violence we do not fight for freedom. Together we can get our fair share. Together we can serve our purpose. Together we can change the future. Stand Together & Together We Stand.

Next Year Perth, Following Year Farm

My exit from the USA and eventual exit from the global economy.

Goodbye America It’s no secret I have no desire to return to the United States in 2 days, however as I reflect on the year I see 365 days of achieving the goals I set for myself, and the actions needed to get myself closer to where I’m going. Having a direction is reassuring, seeing yourself achieve progress is motivating! I haven’t found my “direction” to be something that I talk about that much though, as mostly it’s met with disregard, the New York Executive wants to become a Farmer, sure, let’s see that happen.

2017 Ben Howard Anthem

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