Goodbye America

It’s no secret I have no desire to return to the United States in 2 days, however as I reflect on the year I see 365 days of achieving the goals I set for myself, and the actions needed to get myself closer to where I’m going.

Having a direction is reassuring, seeing yourself achieve progress is motivating!

I haven’t found my “direction” to be something that I talk about that much though, as mostly it’s met with disregard, the New York Executive wants to become a Farmer, sure, let’s see that happen.

Before heading out tonight to ring in the new year with family I have been reading, about the last year, about star wars, about the collapse of our societies and economy, and eventually on farming.

The Farm is Dead: Long Live The Farm

There is a quiet but massive shift going on in American agriculture today, toward diverse farms of dozens of acres instead of thousands, from which chemicals and Diesel fuel and plows have been banished, where soil and diversity are treasured, whose products are sold locally instead of globally. These farms are not only operated by, but loved by, young people. Happy, centered, ethically developed young people.

Some Inspiration


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