For me the biggest relief over these years is learning that I’m not solely responsible for saving our species from extinction.

The hardest thing to come to terms with is that most of the species is ignorant of the dangers we face, or responsible in their own small way for pushing us closer to the edge.

Alone you cannot save us from the impact climate change will have on our ability to produce enough food for our survival.

Alone you cannot save us from the devastation which would be caused by nuclear war, nor can you stop governments from firing the missiles, let alone push for their dismantlement.

Alone you cannot convince our society to abandon the quest for unlimited financial gains at the expense of life, for governments to value all life and create a world which fosters new life.

Alone you cannot change your workplace so that everyone has access to vital information about the company in order to have informed input into how it operates, and control over how it lobbies governments.

We can do these things together though.

We can do these things by approaching all problems head on, by not only accepting they are real issues, but by voicing our expectations for solving them.

The incredible thing is just how close to the mechanisms for change we all are, in fact we are surrounded by them each day that we go to work.

If “we the people” have an equal opportunity to participate in directing the efforts of our organizations we can solve climate change, we can proliferate nuclear disarmament, we can get our fair share of the value we produce, and we can point out collective ship in a direction that wont lead to our deaths.

If the collection of humanity has control of their organization they can press on goverments to behave in a way that improves the quality of life for everyone.

Right now companies are owned by a very small percentage of people, these people get increasingly more wealthy as they horde the majority of value earnt by the workers labor, they use this wealth to push governments to behave in a way that only benefits the wealthy few at the expense of everyone else.

Climate change is the result of corporations ignoring science in order to make more profits.

War is the result of corporations using the military to progress their economic interests abroad.

Mass inneqality is the result of companies funelling the value produced by everyone in the company up to a very few individuals, a the expense of all the other workers.

Unite with your colleagues to take control of your organization, unite with your neighbor organizations to point the power of your organizations at solving the problems we all face.

We can save the world, if we work together, and own our workplace together.