Heather Mac Donald: How Much More Delusional Can University Students Get?

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Heather Lynn Mac Donald (born 1956) is an American political commentator, essayist, attorney and journalist. She is described as a secular conservative. She has advocated positions on numerous subjects including victimization, philanthropy, immigration reform and crime prevention. She is a Thomas W. Smith Fellow of the Manhattan Institute. In this clip, she talks about delusional university students who see a threat in anything even though they are the most privileged people. Until this victimhood complex stops, there can be no win for free speech.

Greg Lukianoff: Ridiculous Cases of Prohibited Speech on University

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Greg Lukianoff is the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). He previously served as FIRE's first director of legal and public advocacy until he was appointed president in 2006. He graduated from American University (Washington) and Stanford Law School. In this clip, he talks about ridiculous cases of prohibited speech on university and how they are losing on free speech issues in court.

Helena Cronin: Feminism is Ignorant About Modern Science

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Helena Cronin (born 1942) is a British Darwinian philosopher and rationalist. She is the co-director of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science and the Darwin Centre at the London School of Economics. In this clip from 2014, she talks about how feminism ignores modern science when it comes to differences between men and women.

Universities in America now spend millions every year ensuring that there is diversity of identity on campus, this is for the obvious and common sense reason of ensuring diversity of thought.

Concentration of Power in these diversity centres is now causing laws to be blatantly ignored by stripping away human rights, from right to trial, innocence until proven guilty, free speach in order to drive out discourse and silence questioning of status quo.

The most liberal of institutions has been co-opted into a system of oppression as it extracts wealth from its students and creates an environment which does not prepare them to understamnd the violent world of concentrated wealth and power they are entering in the workforce.