America Will Collapse

As an Australian who spent 6 years in the hyper-capitalist center of the world (New York City) I’ve had to improve my coping mechanisms immensely as the harsh reality of massive inequality was shoved in my face.

Last year I moved to a small town in Colorado to run-out-the-clock as I shift my career back to Perth to get away from a nation that’s tearing itself apart .

This strongly held opinion of mine (and many others ), that America is a failed nation and heading towards widespread collapse is not something I share too much with the Americans that I interact with on a daily basis, because to most of them that sounds like nonsense.

Their local reality has always been that of the US, they were raised and indoctrinated by the system that was designed to extract everything it can from them, before casting them aside to feed on the blood of the next victims . They believe the dogma that America is the greatest nation on Earth, because for the most part they don’t visit any other nations on Earth .

So with this strongly held belief I hide in my apartment with beautiful views of a fantastic mountain range and research what collapse has looked like in the past so I can prepare for the future. My goal is to ensure I’m not left holding the bag (relationships, debt, property, or any other liability) as more and more Americans kill themselves, their classmates, and their customers, and fight over the scraps left for them by an increasingly greedy and self destructive ruling class.

Earth Will Boil

Unfortunately for the rest of us on this world, America is such a pervasive disease of a government that its actions will not lead to consequences solely for itself and its people, they will kill every living creature on Earth.

In 2015 world leaders joined together for an opportunity to have their photos taken as they proclaimed that they would (finally) take climate change seriously. In reality they agreed to nothing, merely posturing that we should avoid a rise in temperature above 1.5c degrees , by asking corporations in a capitalist society to stop caring about profits over anything else, and hoping that technology which will never exist will save the day .

America doing all it can to ensure they don’t change their ways and avoid global catastrophe has been made even worse with the introduction of a 30% tariff on Solar , another reminder (not that we needed one) that the American government is a branch of American corporations, and the most important corporations in America are Oil and Finance.

So we’ll exceed the 1.5c increase, as we were always going to, and go even further into the rabbit hole, easily hitting 2c by the end of the century which will result in flooding of cities, arid landbases, increasingly destructive weather, and acidic oceans. Ultimately creating a world with not enough land for the growing population and the food that will sustain them, resulting in increased poverty for the masses as the rich few use their hoarded resources to build sea walls around their golf courses and watch the show unfold.

Humanity Will Perish

This is the final result of the show, even if it takes a few hundred years for it to play out, we as a species have consumed so much of our planet’s resources, and ensured that nothing is being done to rectify that, and as a result are turning it into a ship that can no longer sustain us .

People hold on to hopes that we will leave this planet that we’ve raped into oblivion and set up home on a harsh desert world 54.6 million miles away, not realizing that it’s ridiculous to think that we can exist on Mars when we can’t even hope to live on Earth.

So we will all eventually die, and finally mother Earth will be given the opportunity to do what she does over millions of years and potentially create an ecosystem that can support a new kind of life, maybe they’ll be better than us, and maybe that’s not something that’s ever happened in our universe .

What Can You Do About it?

The most important thing you can do for your future is to take these things into consideration when you’re planning it, to realize that the programming you’ve received over your life regarding planning for the future is at odds with the reality that we live in.

You should not have children, even though your genes are continuously pressuring you to reproduce. Knowing that the future we’re heading into will be the most challenging and destructive period of human existence should be your compass for making such important ethical decisions such as forcing somebody else to experience this reality.

You should support your local communities and help those children and other people that already exist in this world. Just because you’re not a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t help others navigate this world and survive through increasingly difficult times.

You should embrace your positive human traits such as empathy and compassion, strive to make your local world one of loving support for everyone who is suffering under the destructive curse of run-away-capitalism on a dying a planet.

Love one-another, don’t give into hate, learn to embrace the bitter reality of the world and face each day with a resolve to help make existing easier for the people around you. Care more for community than you ever have capital and the things it raises to be important. You are an instance of life, and even while life is being extinguished, you can work to protect that which already exists.