The last two days I have been consuming all I can find that covers the thinking of Derrick Jensen.

I wanted to share some of the pieces I had found so far before continuing on my research of his work.

Jensen has spent his life advocating the protection and restoration of the environment, educating and writing about how to become engaged in the fight against the destruction of our planet. His work correlates the violence perpetuated by the dominant Capitalist culture and how this is driven by the Cult of Masculinity.

Civilization & Resistance

The introduction and its narrative structure alignment with Star Wars was incredibly intriguing.

The end of this video gives an insight into the people’s responses to Derrick’s works, providing a fantastic example of how to interact and defend yourself from a reactionary and violent member of society.

The End Game

This is essentially the same talk as above just in a more condensed and refined format. You’ll find this talk and the talking points within it in his other work, ultimately it’s a very powerful and frank discussion about the collapse of civilization, and how you can be a part of the resistance.

Life at the End of Empire

A further dive into The End Game with extensive discussion about the environment and mankind’s impact instead of enhancement of it.

The Masculinity Culture

Derrick’s introduction to this panel is a very powerful discussion of how the dominant culture of society, that of Masculinity, is the driving force for the destructive nature of Capitalism and the devastating effects it has on the natural world, including human people.