How Can The Enemy State, Have Citizens This Friendly?

I feel so much love in this place, this community in Colorado where I am surrounded by amazing people who are doing all they can to make the world better.

But any time I start reading up on the latest happenings in “the world” I am bombarded with just how horrible, cruel, and desperate the US government has become.

Today we had Ann Coulter come at Trump hard for signing the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package

So did Drudge!?

So I guess now everyone wants this Dickhead out?

We wouldn’t have been this lucky if Clinton had won, I stand by my position that I’m very glad she lost, even if it meant that President Dickhead had to come in and piss on everything for a bit.

Sidenote There are some great things in this omnibus spending package, I’m very happy it was passed for my reasons, and obviously there’s a tonne of bullshit in there also. Who cares? We had no say in it anyway really, and that’s the problem.

The American people are awakening, they see now more than ever that their government does not answer to them, it answers to the oligarchs that decide how the money is spent.

I’d be happy to see more Republicans realize that this Dickhead can do nothing to make their lives better, that really his class is the source of their problems, not immigrants.

What I want more of is Democrats seeing that their pathetic leadership are primarily also puppets for the same oligarchs, I want them to throw away their false Idols in the likes of Clinton, Obama, and Clinton.

I want all Americans to realize that real progress will only come from representatives that actually represent their lives, and predominantly the American life is one of misery and servitude, with the pain covered up with sex, drugs, and of course rock & roll.

As the American people continue to lose their rights, wealth, and dignity they must turn towards their communities, create progress at a local level, and use coordination at these foundational levels to change the power structures that dominate them.

Never ignore real power, creating a farm and “not engaging in bullshit politics” won’t change the reality you live in, and should your little project get successful/controversial enough the state will use their power to snub you out, and make the public cheer for your death.