So now that we know it was Steve Bannon using the same Facebook backdoor that the Obama campaign used in 2012, we’re not talking about the hacked election story anymore?

Crazy how the week that story left the media it was because Russia had apparently obviously failed to kill an old spy, in London, on ally territory.

This ever shifting narrative is the work of an empire’s mass media which is dedicated to manufacturing consent to allow America to start a war against Russia.

By starting a war with Russia the hope to achieve two things,

  • hold on to their dominant control of the world through the strong US dollar and it’s regulatory hold on oil trade
  • Strike an ally of China, the nation destined to become the largest economy

The war has now started openly against China as a trade war, it has been waging for years as proxy wars in countries such as Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan.

America is attacking anybody which threatens its hold on power.

the media is lying to Americans about the threats out in the world in order to justify its baseless attacks.

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