The Myth of Incentive Under Capitalism

The capitalist firm doesn’t aim to satisfy, but the firms can’t get at what they’re at, which is money, and they can’t get what they want without satisfying the customer.

Well, I agree with part of this argument, capitalist competition has to be acknowledged.

BUT, the argument also says that capitalism satisfies people, and I’m going to claim that the way the system uses technical progress generates widespread frustration, not satisfaction.

G.A. Cohen is absolutely correct, but we’ve moved forward in time, and now it’s 2018… I almost wrote 2019, because it’s almost, 2020, it’s basically future, and here’s where capitalism’s destructive and aggressive competition has gotten us.

The capitalist firm doesn’t aim to satisfy, but the firms can’t get at what they’re at, which is PROFIT, and they can’t get what they want without EXPLOITING the CONSUMER (or EMPLOYEE, usually both, but that’s another post).

I’m going to claim the the way the system uses TECHNOLOGICAL progress generates widespread EXTINCTION not SURVIVAL.

Yeah that’s right, capitalism kills. t kills not only the workers who are hyper-exploited in developing nations (some of them get caught in the nets when they jump from their slave factory) it kills the chances of our species to behave in such a way that it guarantees and improves the quality of life that comes after it.

In its quest for continuous growth, it consumes everything.

Like a killer robot, that uses nanoclouds to feed on biosphere matter, in order to self replicate and create more of its interconnected killer robots which consume the biosphere.

Or you know, continue to exploit materials on this Earth that are leading to changes in our biosphere which will severely impact the way that humans and all other life on Earth… Survive.

The current state of dominant political power has been corrupted due to technological advances allowing for increasing concentration of wealth and power.

In order to combat the destructive impact of capitalism, we must turn towards each other, we must work together locally (and internationally) using whatever technology and distribution of wealth and power we can to take control of the decision making systems of our societies, the government.

This is done, through enforcing power upon systems of control (levers), those systems of control vary between communities, so recognize them, hopefully they look like public positions with voting, maybe they’re as arcane as requiring a bunch of people to turn up to a building and stand in the corner of the candidate you support and maybe get denied that because they ran out of space for democracy?

America come on, you’re not a democracy, at best you’re a flawed democracy, and you’re not even the first at that anymore, literally South Korea just overtook you, and they literally worked with you to overthrow the localized organizing parties of the land, fighting the split of their country by outside forces (America).

![](/uploads/2018/03/01/Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.04.17 PM.png)

But you have been, and you can be a democratic country again, but in order to do that, you need to do something, and I mean you, you need to do something.

All of you need to go out into your community and interact with all your neighbors*.

The capitalists who divide you realized that the best way to pump as much out of you as it can, is to make you scared, make you hate each other, make you buy guns, make you consume, and go to movies, and spend all your free time arguing on the internet while looking at ads.

The problem in your country is capitalism and your culture’s obsession with supporting a system that is fine with killing everything as long as the power of a few elites get more powerful.

CAPITALISM IS KILLING AMERICA and by that I mean that it’s killing you, the people, the economy is already fucked, but it is everywhere in the world, the next thing that is fucked is your quality of life, just like it has been, for so many of you, for so long.

Life in America will continue to get worse for the poorer, and while it can and is getting relatively better in the rest of the world, the wealth distribution is not coming equally from america, it is being drained out of the poorest, while the richest hoard their wealth at the expense of their country men.



Do that by not contributing to their system, do that by engaging in your local community, help those in need, replace times when you would consume (such as going to the mall, which you don’t do anymore, so I guess, sitting on your phone arguing about how shit things are) and go out into your community and help those.

Anyway, here’s the clip of G.A Cohen explaining why capitalism is never interested in helping the people it depends on to exist, which is what will lead to its eventual destruction of itself.

*there are already those of you out there doing it, and I know I’m shouting into a vacuum.