What an amazing video for such a controversial topic right now, Political Correctness is a term so grating in our society that it forces an immediate division into each side of the Culture War .

Politeness a more holistic approach to the problems that political correctness tries to solve, instead of focusing empathy towards a select group of under-represented people, it distributes empathy towards all members of society.

Additional to this it allows each person to accept that they have privilege without being demonized for it, understand that their thoughts are not their actions, and encourage them to demostrate politeness through their actions.

Politeness is a key tool for the progressive culture tasked with not only changing the norms of a society, but bringing along all those that will be impacted by those changes in non-violent ways.

Even if one doesn’t necessarily agree with progressions made by the culture, a member of the progressive culture understands that a polite society includes everyone.