I’m taking a vacation, going to Italy to be with the world around me, and the most important part of my world.

Of course I’ll be thinking about things While I’m there.

Highly recommend this interview with

Contrapoints says YouTube algorithm isn’t sophisticated enough.

A very good example of digital cultural exchange, Contrapoints at the very front of cultural discourse in this digital age.

Social Media’s impact on political campaigns is a good example of how social has changed the political landscape, by Beau of the Fifth Column

When we think about virtual cultural exchange we need to confront the idea from a perspective of what our values are and what we’re hoping to achieve with these programs.

When we think about how we bring together a revolution of the people of the world, United in creating a better life for all, there is so much to learn.

Finally, this last video is from a very influential programming language creator Rich Hickey, on “Hammock Driven Development” or “Stepping Away From The Keyboard” about how to think deeply on problems and then coming together to build a solution for them.

Taking some time to think about these bold strategies ♥️🖤