In the American Media you’re hearing a lot right now about Trump’s first 100 days, people are (rightfully so) giving this topic a lot of attention. Understanding what this presidency focuses its attention on in its first days gives us an idea of where the administration is pointing our future.

I had personally been thinking about these 100 days a lot lately, and honestly, it was making me extremely depressed, despondant, and anxious.

Today I was walking and I decided to check how many days I had been back in America since my last trip home, turns out it is 99 days.

So I thought I’d write about what I’ve been up to these last 99 days, and what I’m focussed on for the next 100.

It’s so easy to get lost in the narrative about what is happening outside us, that often we neglect to pay attention to our story.

The Last 100 Days

Work has been very successful, our engineering team is ahead of schedule, we have moved through three times faster than expected and are now able to tackle a major project that will redefine how we operate a department.

My home life is great, I live with a fantastic friend/gym buddy/fellow philosopher/activist, he provides calmness in a storm I so often feel.

In my personal life there is someone I have built a great relationship with, someone who I have genuinely great times with, can happily sit next to reading a book, and pushes me to be a better version of myself. I’m grateful for the memories we’re making with each other.

Mentally I have had difficulty managing my depression, feeling a great personal weight on me for the issues we’re seeing in the world . Returning to my earlier statement about the focus on what Trump has been doing, losing myself in these issues has had a significant toll on my ability to maintain a healthy perspective on the great successes in my personal life.

The Next 100 Days

I’ve just organized a trip to Colorado to see one of my closest friends and his dog Edna, he lives in one of the most pristine parts of this country, the times I’ve spent in Fort Collins hold a special place in my heart.

Following that I will be attending another close friend’s wedding, as a member of the bridal party no less! It will be held in the beautiful Prospect park, alongside his family from Perth, wife from New York, and her family from Russia. So many cultures of the world that mean so much to me, meeting for a celebration of two wonderful people.

At work we’ll be planning the next two projects that will revolutionize our organization, they’re both firmly based in areas that I am particularly interested and span across the two teams that we have devised and nurtured over the half decade we’ve been working together.

Personally I will begin the process of moving out of America and into my backpack, begining the first stage of my quiet retreat from a nation I moved to many years ago. This means that soon enough I will be back home with my family, lifelong friends, scouting community, and a political and economical system that we need to work together to reform.

Ultimately the next 100 days are a precursor to more organized resistance. After considered thought for a long time it is time for me to raise my head and call out the injustices in our systems that threaten the future of our species.

Then there will another 100 days, and we all will continue to resist, continue to work towards a sustainable future.