My Response

I am disappointment in Trump, to clarify I have no faith in him, I’ve never supported him, I don’t respect him. However I do know that before he became the president he was not part of the central powers that are intent on destroying the world in pursuit of more power.

This was the one thing I thought he would do differently to Hillary, that he would opt for less conflict in order to focus on business. But of course, conflict is the business, because it’s the distraction, look at how distracted I was when I wrote this a year ago.

That doesn’t mean that he’s not playing the same power games, Trump has no interest in helping American citizens, he wants to increase his influence in the world and extract wealth from the country in order to do it.

At this point in history humanity should be focused on two clear goals.

  • Nuclear disarmament
  • Biomass preservation

The dangers that nuclear war and climate change pose to us are species level extinction in scope.

Fighting in Syria doesn’t help us fix these problems, in fact it only makes them worse. If we continue to engage in fighting against Syrian soldiers instead of ISIL we will continue to be stuck in a quagmire where we spend the richest country’s GDP in efforts to further destroy the Earth instead of saving it.

I was devastated by this attack because I know that it will only lead to more, and will only lead our civilization further into the collapse of society that we are seeing globally.

My Reaction

I lost myself to anger after I learned that America under Donald Trump had fired 59 missiles from the Mediterranean Sea into a Syrian Airbase.

I’d already been feeling very depressed and anxious the last few days, at 9pm I sent this message to my partner.

Straight Up

Two hours later when reports started coming in I attempted to write a post, here’s how far I got.

[America just launched ~60 cruise missiles at Syria][1] in response to an [alleged Assad chemical attack][2].

This is a massive escalation, a direct attack at Russia, and a cataclysmic moment.

The speed at which this advanced, with no congress approval, no formal investigation… is terrifying.

Thankfully instead of posting this sort of thing to social media and arguing with the world, I managed to keep the distribution of my ranting limited to a set of close friends, I’m glad I’m not on social media anymore, I’d rather write a response than a reaction to this event.

The reactions from those I spoke to were far more calm and reasoned than my own, they all came from the perspective of understanding the event within the greater story of history.

Here are some key points that were discussed, all of which I agree with.

  • America regularly kills Syrian forces and civilians with drones.
  • This is a minor attack compared to other proxy wars in the past.
  • Russia is too smart to react to this attack.
  • Trump did this to win support from the Democrats and media.

I went to sleep in the early hours of the morning assured that this was a stupid attack and that it will not have an immediate escalation affect.