Jeffrey Epstein, the “billionaire hedge fund manager” who, allegedly, systematically lured hundreds of teenage women into prostitution within his mansion and penthouse, on his private plane “The Lolita Express”, and on his private island; who, allegedly, “entertained” the likes of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and many other powerful people. Has, allegedly, “committed suicide” while under suicide watch, in jail, after the first day of his court proceedings which would have resulted in the names of those involved being revealed. His death means the case is now closed and there will be no further investigations into the matter.

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We, the people, need to gather together, assert our collective power, and overthrow the vial criminals that systematically abuse their power to rob people of their dignity, freedom, and ability to live safe lives.

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If you’re an American you need to demand that your local representatives and senators ensure that this investigation is not terminated and that justice is served to the women who’s lives were destroyed by these monsters.

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