The tension between North Korea and the United States is becoming increasingly tense which is causing further tensions with Russia, Syria, and China. If there are a bunch of kids in a group having problems with one particular child, who would you proclaim to be the protaganist? As always your perspective is going to be contextual on your relationship to the situation, are you the parent of the bully? You empathize with the child and know that its behavior is a result of further issues.

What I’m trying to say here is that the common denominator in the increased amounts of conflicts is the United States.

This isn’t Trump, this is the [Far Right Military Industrial Complex] waging war on the world in order to justify its ever increasing budget and the massive impact that has on the countries economy.

The only way of dismanateling this machine is to restructure the America government through political reform

  • [Campaign Finance Reform]
  • [Reduce Military Budget], while [Increasing Veteran Funding]
  • [Nuclear Reduction]

Trump is doing nothing to fix this, in fact he is doing the opposite [increasing military spending].

Hillary would have done nothing, in fact she [declared that Syria should be bombed before Trump], at least proving to the world that she is the war hawk we knew she’d be.

You know where I’m going here. Bernie Would Have Won, and by that I mean he would have beat Trump in the general election.

Not a race thing, we can see gender played a larger role. If the United States. will vote for a black guy they will statistically vote for a jewish man.

We need to continue the fight for Bernie’s policies, the real enemy here isn’t Trump. The real trror is the United Corporations of America who are intent on destroying the world in pursuit of profits.

You need to stop listening to mainstream media, these are the public relations units of the following organizations, which own subsequent military contractors.

[Graph: US Corporations and Media and Military therefore a man would have beat trump]

What can you do about it? You can become invovled in local politics and support politicians whoa re not business people. The problem of our public services being destroyed in the name of war mongering will not be resolved by those who are funded by the corporations waging wars.

[Question: Where can I find unfunded politicians like Bernie?]

  • [Australia]
  • [Canada]
  • [United Kingdom]
  • [United States]
  • [New Zealand]