This Gun Debate Ignores Empire's Power

Of course people are jumping on Killer Mike because he appeared on NRA TV to provide a position that taking away people’s guns will not solve the issues America is facing.

I have worked as a tireless advocate on the behalf of children and disenfranchised women in society, I’ve also worked with gun groups like Georgians’ Against Gun Violence, so I say if there’s a table to be sat at, a gun owner needs to be there. You have to see a problem from the whole perspective. Killer Mike

Killer Mike focusses his piece on the importance of retaining gun rights of the individual, however at the very beginning their is a mention of the systemic problems which result in this gun violence. Of course due to NRAs bias this is not going to be expanded upon, but its an absolutely vital part of the conversation, why is is that people are shooting each other? And even if somehow, all the guns were removed from people’s houses, taking away an extremely convenient and powerful tool for killing, will the killing stop?

I don’t believe so, I don’t think kid’s are shooting their classmates simply because they have access to guns, they’re killing classmates because they’re devastated and distraught because their world is terrifying and horrible. Just like older Americans who may chose to kill themselves with opiates, alcohol, and guns, there is mass despair in America and it’s causing people to behave in irrational and violent ways.

Think about it, you’re a 15 year old kid, you know that your planet is dying, you know that the economy has collapsed, that there is no hope for a good career for you, and that in pursuit of that career you will have to rack up hundreds of thousands of debt for the privilege of having nothing to look forward to.

This isn’t a hypothesis, this is the state of people’s minds, this is why the memes are so weird, this is why kids are eating tide pods for the lolz, because, seriously, what’s the point of living?

Life is shit, maybe not for you, maybe you’re a 30ish year old white software engineer making over $120,000 and using your money to pay away the problems of your life, or maybe you’re 45+ and you have a couple of investment properties and whilst the market is tight, you know that people just need to buck up and work hard like you did to get where you are.

But for a lot of the world, especially for the poorest of people (children, not-whites, non-westerners, young people, elderly people) life is a miserable place where your access to advantage has been stripped away by the forces that collaborate to hoard wealth and power.

So what’s my point?

You know that there is nobody in power doing anything about it, the politicians are all criminals taking legal bribes from corporations who want to help their profits at the expense of the health of Americans. Be it through shitty jobs, poisoned water, no healthcare, or getting shot-to-death in school. This is something that happens nowhere else on Earth and is absolutely the result of poor gun legislation allowing for ridiculous weapons to be owned by a public being driven insane by a government that is actively trying to kill them.

We absolutely need to improve gun legislation in America, we also have to fix prescription legislation, healthcare legislation, we need to increase investment in education and infrastructure, we need to address the issues of both physical and mental health care, we need to address the problems of a dying planet and move our investments into efforts that fight to improve the world.

Only shouting at the NRA is focussing all your attention on a symptom while ignoring the cause of corruption of government through unlimited corporate bribes. Get out in the streets and protest, but focus some attention on pushing for real legislative change, not just on anger towards a corporation’s exploitations.

The US government is a corrupt powerhouse where corporations can use their unlimited funds to out-maneuver any effort to improve the lives of Americans.

Where is the fight against Citizen’s United? Where is the march against an omnibus spending package that increases military power, or new legislation supported by Democrats and Republicans that increases the power of the President to spy on the American people.

Killer Mike going on NRA TV was an opportunity for the left and right to unite on the issue of a tyrannical government that needs to be dismantled by the people.

Instead, as usual, it was an opportunity for the anti-gun movement to attack one of their most powerful allies while completely ignoring the tyranny of their government and an opportunity for the pro-gun movement to manipulate someone’s message to push their agenda and increase tensions between the people.

The point is to cause Americans to squabble over how Americans get to kill each other as a result of their miserable existance, instead of collaborating on how to improve that existance.

What is an ally? An ally isn’t necessarily a friend, it’s not fam. You know we have a mutual interest in something that progresses our causes, why are your allies not fighting your other fights with the same vigor you’re fighting for theirs?

You’re going to progress us into slavery, people say there’s no way slavery can exist, slavery does exist now, slavery exists according to the thirteenth amendment. The same people telling you we need to abolish the second amendment, they ain’t there for the documented thirteenth, they ain’t there for the march to end that.

Killer Mike

Yes America needs better gun legislation, but that hasn’t happened because corporations like the NRA are able to spend unlimited amounts of money on pushing policy points. The NRA has one goal “defend the second amendment” and they can spend unlimited money protecting that position. Changing legislation regarding gun ownership will be greatly helped by a more equal playing ground, which means getting the unfair inbalance of power from having unlimited money in the legislative and legal systems.

Yes America needs to maintain the second amendment, the people need to be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, but your personal arms are nothing compared to an increasingly militarized police force which is funded by the military industrial complex which lobbies your government to engage in wars abroad, and engage in war on their own citizens by taking away their social services.

If the left and right don’t work together to reclaim their government, if they allow themselves to get distracted with ideological marches instead of legislative marches, then the corporations that rule their life will continue to strip away the wealth and power of the people, creating a world where going to school to shoot up 15 kids seems like a reasonable response in the broken mind of a teenager caught in a hopeless condition.

Killer Mike’s Further Clarification

I’m seriously open to debate on this

I would like to continue improving this article to get my point across.

Yes we need better gun legislation in America, this march is a powerful way of advocating for that change, unfortunately the corporations (like the NRA) are super powerful because of their ability to lobby with unlimited finance against our interests.

I am advocating for the left and right uniting to take back control of their government and introduce rational rules about gun control, that fix such things as 3% of the population having more than 50% of the guns.

The left and right fighting against each other is a distraction from changing the influence of money in US power and opening up channels to improve all aspects of the nation.