The day after he won the election, people in our New York office were crying, devistated that such a horrible person had taken control of one of the most evil imperialist nations to exist.

They’re some of the lucky ones in America, though not truly that lucky in the scheme of things. The company they work for is, comparitively much more generous than other American organizations.

Around that time our office was also subjected to the picketing of the Verizon store below us, the shouts of the subjugated workers all day long were distracting to our workers, who were sent home early because it was obvious no work was being done.

To those Verizon workers during those days, and to all American and really worldwide workers to this day, Trump is less of a threat to their ability to afford food and shelter than the bosses who decide how little they will get paid, and how quickly they will be replaced for complaining.

The distraction of politics that is paraded on television is just that, a sideshow where people can apply their anger and outrage at the ever increasing feeling that life is getting harder and harder to live.

The true reason for a government as horrible as that in the United States is that the decisions being made are meant to improve the lives of a concetrated set of people who hold the majority of wealth, and in turn power.

It turns out those people influencing government, ensuring that corporate and investment taxes are slashed and in turn social services are slashed, while military and government bribes (lobbying) spending is raised, are the same people who are in charge of how much wealth, and subsequently power their workers have.

In this capitalist system the workers do not have any say how the profits of organizations are used, as such they’re used to further optimize the political system for the benefit of corporations and their stakeholders, not to improve the lives of the people doing all the work to make those profits possible.

Rather than organizing to rally against a broken political system, the workers should be rallying against broken corporate systems. They should be fighting to have a say in how their corporation uses its profits, and how it earns those profits.

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That power is in the board, a small group of people who ultimately decide on how the organization behaves, where it focuses its efforts, and how it distributes it’s profits.

Dr. Richard Wolff continues to do a lot of research and produce many great videos on how worker owned cooperatives can shift the balance of power away from the the few and give it to the many people in the organization.

Economic Update: Worker Coops As Our Economic Future

Are you interested in having more control over your organization, have you taken control and would like to share your story? Let us know in the comments below.