Being back in Australia for Christmas has been the best perk of the 5 years I’ve spent working at InterExchange , re-immersing myself in my Australian identity has been an important aspect of my mental health recovery.

What is it to be Australian? Why am I trying to recover that identity? Why did I run away from it?

You think America is bad, it seems like everyone in this country can agree on the fact that America is a horrible nation that is falling into serious decline. Let’s take that perspective and understanding and turn it inwards, are we ready to say the same thing about Australia, should we?

Let’s take a look at the problems of america.


Corporate control over the state mechanism.

State Mechanisms

Miniluv: Ministry of Love (law and order)


Minipax: Ministry of Peace (war)


Blackwater, Ratheon, Boeing

Boieng, Ratheon

Miniplenty: Ministry of Plenty (rationing)


Federal Reserve

Australian Federal Bank

Minitrue: Ministry of Truth (propaganda)


Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Disney (What are those six companies)

News Corporation 80%

We can be so much better