Bernie Smeared Over MLK Speech By Establishment Tools

The Jimmy Dore Show

Bernie Sanders gave a speech accurately criticizing the Democratic Party. The corporate media made maybe their most desperate attempt at a smear yet.

I sit here deeply concerned that I suspect we’re leading our nation on an integration trip that has us integrating into a burning house. Most of the politicians I know of make promises only to walk into places of power and then deny us.
Harry Belafonte

MLK did not die so that Barack Obama could

  • Make the banks bigger
  • Expand from 2 wars to 7
  • Get rid of Habious Corpus
  • Expand the surveliance state

It was chagne on the outside because it was a black guy, but it was contiuity on the inside

  • He made the Bush tax cuts permanent
  • He opened the arctic to drilling twice
  • He didn’t bail out main street
  • He didn’t put on that soft shoe and help the teachers
  • He didn’t do anything to help occupy wall street

It’s just like we elected Romney anyway

  • We got Romney healthcare
  • We didn’t get the public option

Which he promised to give us but he didn’t, and he could have given that with a 50 vote, because that’s what they used to pass the healthcare plan anyway.

  • Jimmy Dore

Barack Obama is a fucking liar, he is a corporatist neoliberal who doesn’t give a fuck about the workers, he’s out windsurfing with Brandson and then he goes and gives a half a million dollar speaches to the banks who have been screwing over America for the last 20 years.