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The World Doesn't Owe You Anything!

Jordan Shanks helping you, help your mindset.

Jordan Shanks isn’t the only wise and humble influence in my life, but he is the one who posts his thoughts to YouTube, however I only just stumbled on his Personal YouTube after being a subscriber to Friendly Jordies for about a year. Before heading to sleep I got down some notes on Get The Right Mindset The Reason You’re Not Where You Want is You. As I traveled back from Australia to Colorado today I was thinking about what it I want for the next year, and what I wish I didn’t still have going into it.

Gough Whitlam, Australia's greatest Prime Minister

Friendly Jordies setting the record straight

I wanted to make a video purely honoring the life and achievements of Edward Gough Whitlam I’m not one to hold a grudge but … Andrew Bolt isn’t etting away with an article he wrote a month a go. Gough Whitlam was actually the best Prime Minster we’ve ever had. And then The British-American coup ended Australian independence under Gough Whitlam

How is Australia Going?

Let's check in with FriendlyJordies on Australia

Being back in Australia for Christmas has been the best perk of the 5 years I’ve spent working at InterExchange, re-immersing myself in my Australian identity has been an important aspect of my mental health recovery. What is it to be Australian? Why am I trying to recover that identity? Why did I run away from it? You think America is bad, it seems like everyone in this country can agree on the fact that America is a horrible nation that is falling into serious decline.

Ignorance and Happiness in Capitalism.

Don’t have enough time to watch the film noir masterpiece BladeRunner 2049, still curious as to how our future is being shaped, and where it’s headed? I think these two films together perfectly sum up how people don’t think about changing the world they live in, and how the world they live in treats them.