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Grateful For These New Changes

I’m very grateful for the new things that have come into my life over the last few weeks, today a lot of that came together and resulted in the latest version of my website, built on my latest computer, using the new avatar created by the fantastic Rationality Rules. I also added a new category today, survive which gives me a place to put content that inspires us to drive forward with our efforts to create change in our world.

Foresty.io For Writing Blog Posts on Hugo

Removing the cognitive barrier-of-entry to posting on my static site.

I’m just writing a blog post, like I would have done in Wordpress years ago, before I made the decision to move to a statically generated site for the huge development and security improvements that it brings. But I stopped posting, I mean I started again recently, but the barrier of entry is still there. Pull up vim and stare at a completely blank screen and … don’t type, because it’s so intimidating.