David Pakman’s interview with Scott Adams is Exactly How To Engage with “Other Side” r/contrapoints

This is the first time I’ve seen an interview of David Pakman’s, I’m really glad that it was with Scott Adams about President Trump’s 2017 Report Card (first draft) .

Who is Scott Adams?

The person who created Dilbert obviously! A long running successful comic about an Engineer’s criticisms of society, he’s also a prolific blogger!

Over the last year and some Adams has intrigued David Pakman (and me) with his blog commentary on Trump. One of Adam’s tactics is rather than comment on a lot of the “things” that Trump says, Adams tends to focus on the way he says them, and the persuasion techniques he’s invoking to do that.

I Explain the Persuasion President Trump is using on The Wall and DACA

Low Public Approval of President Trump Yet Unusually High Consumer Confidence. Hmmm…

He provides some excellent analysis, but it needs to be read with a very open mind, even just from the titles.

Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump

I Tell You Why President Trump is on the Verge of Total Victory