Dirk Kelly

What I Achieved Today, June 5th 2018

There’s certain times of the day when writing becomes so easy, when the world isn’t in your head for you to have to worry about it, so you can focus on the story in front of you. In this case the story is mine, just a simple story about my life now that I’m back in Perth. It’s 1:30am and I’m sitting outside in the backyard of my in parent’s house a favorite spot in my life.

The 2018 Global Financial Crisis is Beginning, Will it Wipe You Out?

On My Honor

I promise to do my best, to do my duty to my god, and to the preservation of life on Earth. To help other people and to live for kindness, justice, and equality.

Foresty.io For Writing Blog Posts on Hugo

Removing the cognitive barrier-of-entry to posting on my static site.

I’m just writing a blog post, like I would have done in Wordpress years ago, before I made the decision to move to a statically generated site for the huge development and security improvements that it brings. But I stopped posting, I mean I started again recently, but the barrier of entry is still there. Pull up vim and stare at a completely blank screen and … don’t type, because it’s so intimidating.

The World Doesn't Owe You Anything!

Jordan Shanks

An Internet legend from down under, helping you, help your mindset. Also me randomly commenting on his video.

Next Year Perth, Following Year Farm

My exit from the USA and eventual exit from the global economy.

Goodbye America It’s no secret I have no desire to return to the United States in 2 days, however as I reflect on the year I see 365 days of achieving the goals I set for myself, and the actions needed to get myself closer to where I’m going. Having a direction is reassuring, seeing yourself achieve progress is motivating! I haven’t found my “direction” to be something that I talk about that much though, as mostly it’s met with disregard, the New York Executive wants to become a Farmer, sure, let’s see that happen.

2017 Ben Howard Anthem

How is Australia Going?

Let's check in with FriendlyJordies on Australia

100 Days

In the American Media you’re hearing a lot right now about Trump’s first 100 days, people are (rightfully so) giving this topic a lot of attention. Understanding what this presidency focuses its attention on in its first days gives us an idea of where the administration is pointing our future. I had personally been thinking about these 100 days a lot lately, and honestly, it was making me extremely depressed, despondant, and anxious.